Our Volunteering Experience

By Paavani, Brooklynn

“In the world we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” -unknown

The lives of many people have had to be put on hold due to cancer. Unfortunately, time waits for no man (or child), so in a situation where one cannot live their life normally, we tried to bring a little bit of life to them. In order to bring the outdoors, indoors we came up with the idea of a beach theme. So we set up a snack station, a photo booth, a shaved ice station, and a tattoo station.

The snack station included different candies, pretzels, and other little snacks for the kids to take back to their rooms. We also sent them off with a small goodie bag which included more candies, extra tattoos to bring to their rooms, friendship bracelets, and photos they had taken at our makeshift photobooth. The photobooth had all sorts of little props for the kids to use in their photos.

It was a great experience that I am thankful to have taken part in and I feel really good to have taken part in it. It took some time to set up, but once it was done it was really fun to meet the people who came. The people who came weren’t just little kids there were also people our own age as well, and it was nice to meet so many different people. Overall it was a really fun experience for both the volunteers and the patients as well.