Alta Loma High School brings Halloween to Miller Children’s Hospital

Americans splurged a shocking 9.1 billion dollars this Halloween but as the average family indulged this season by dressing up and trick o treating, many kids and their families are not afforded this luxury due to pediatric illness which leaves many hospital bound for months at a time.

To combat this, Alta Loma High School partnered with A Friend in Me on a mission to bring Halloween to the kids at Miller Children’s hospital. Alta Loma’s AFIM club spent weeks planning activities and setting up decorations in preparation for the event. On the big day, many students came dressed up with several childhood themes such as Monsters Inc, Winnie the pooh, Nintendo, and many more.

Students hosted Halloween related activities, handed out treats and interacted with kids before giving each one a special Halloween card which was handmade by the students prior to the event.

The event was a huge success. The amazing effort from AFIM supervisors and students didn’t fail to bring a smile to the faces of all the children and their families. Hosting events like these help revive sense of childhood normality and innocence for these patients. AFIM will continue to organize more of these celebrations throughout the holiday seasons and into the new year for this very purpose.
Happy Holidays!

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